1. #ArtistSupportPledge

    11 Jun 2020
    I’ve decided to participate in #ArtistSupportPledge!  The stay at home orders have disrupted many people’s livelihoods, including mine. I wear two hats professionally: (1) a painter who sells artwork and teaches drawing and painting classes and (2) a program administrator and teacher for Plop! Creative Art. Both have screeched to…

  2. Cherry Hill Artist-in-Residence 2019

    27 Sep 2019
    As part of Perkins Center for the Arts’ Community Partnership Spring 2019, I served as an artist-in-residence at Copper and Woodcrest Elementary in Cherry Hill. The residency was an 8-week program that introduced eight kindergarten classrooms to a new art concept each week. Students then used a variety of materials…

  3. Drawing From Life: A Focus on the Self

    30 Aug 2019
    Blue Self-Portrait 12x9 inch charcoal and acrylic on bristol 2019 I’ve completed my yearlong research to make portraits from life. This project stemmed from my experience painting 25 family portraits from photos for the Exhibition and Collaborative Fellowship at Community Arts Center last Summer 2018. I saw the clear advantages…

  4. Collections Review 2018 Part 3: From Reference Photo

    02 Jan 2019
    This is part 3 of 3 posts showcasing the 33 artworks that entered collections of friends, family and art-lovers this 2018. These twelve drawings and paintings included here were completed from reference photos, most of which were taken by me. Thanks and onto the Collection Review! SACRAMENTO VALLEY 8x10” ACRYLIC

  5. Collections Review 2018 Part 2: From Life

    02 Jan 2019
    This is part 2 of 3 posts showcasing the 33 artworks that entered collections of friends, family and art-lovers this 2018. These eleven drawings and paintings included here were completed in one or two sittings from life, not reference photos. Thanks and onto the Collection Review!  FRANKLIN INSTITUTE STEPS PLEIN

  6. Collection Review 2018- Part 1: Portraits

    31 Dec 2018
    This is part 1 of 3 posts showcasing the 33 artworks that entered collections of friends, family and art-lovers this 2018. The ten paintings included here are portraits painted of people or animals from reference photographs I took or provided by the client. Thanks and onto the Collection Review!  Shalom…

  7. Community Arts Center Exhibition and Collaborative Fellowship 2018

    01 Jul 2018
    Two years ago I set out to paint realistically. I knew I had to create many, many paintings to build my skill, so I decided to choose a subject that was meaningful to me. So I chose my family EXHIBIT Tree portrait is the third portrait I painted but it…

  8. Painting Family With a Story

    28 Feb 2018
    A new opportunity has sparked a change with how I think about and paint my family portraits. Let me give some context. This Summer 2018 I’ll be participating in the Collaboration and Exhibition Fellowship at the Community Art Center in Wallingford, PA alongside Philadelphia printmaker and teaching artist Martha Knox. …

  9. December Art Challenge

    30 Dec 2017
    The last month of 2017 brought an impromptu art challenge that was so exciting to work through and that pushed me to produce work I’m proud of. The ten day challenge: one acrylic painting in one session without using any black paint. You know what? I painted eleven Sometimes when…

  10. Holiday Art Sale Success

    29 Dec 2017
    December is holiday season and marks the end of a year and the longest of nights- but this December also ushered in my first Holiday Painting Sale! I’m so glad that each special painting is in a good home. I’ll say a few words farewell to each of them!  OCNJ…

  11. RollerCoaster Politics + The Role of Art

    15 Nov 2017
    A guest and Sonya Clark (right) during the performance of Unraveling, Saturday, 11.4.17. (c) Jenny Graham-Hougah Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts hosted a forum on Art and the Election 11.3.17. I was attracted to this artist talk because I, too, have been wondering “What is the role and responsibility

  12. Outdoor Painting Is Easy and Cheap

    27 Aug 2017
    The magazine Plein Air Painting boasts of being the most circulated artist magazine in the world. At first I was shocked that Artforum or Art News, which publish articles about museum and contemporary gallery shows, did not lead the art publishing market. But now I totally understand why Plein Air…

  13. An Extended Look

    02 May 2017
    Practice makes better. That phrase gets me through the painting phase when each part of the painting doesn’t work and I’m totally frustrated. Each mark I make is a learning experience, and I know I can always paint over it. I figure by painting many portraits from photos I will…

  14. New Family Album

    23 Nov 2016
    I’m creating a family album, but instead of photographs it’s of drawings.  I’ve been scrolling through my pictures and am picking out a select few that make the cut.  I just finished a portrait of my husband, and it’s a picture of him - he’s got his hand on his…

  15. Charcoal Portraits: Commission Now For the Holidays

    16 Nov 2016
    If you’re anything like me, your phone is filled photos.  I love capturing exciting events and intimate moments, and I smile when I look at these pictures.  But I rarely print any of my photos.  I’m changing all that by building a collection of portraits of the people I love,…

  16. Project Trip: Montauk NY Dusk/Dawn

    10 Oct 2016
    I was fortunate to visit Montauk NY to research for the series I’m currently working on: Dusk/Dawn.  Montauk is on the eastern tip of Long Island NY and is very pleasant in October.  The temperature is mild, the beaches are empty, and the plant-life is still in bloom Sketch from…

  17. On Becoming a Painter pt 2

    11 Sep 2016
    I’ve been developing plans for a painting career, and in the process, I realize my life has changed since I’ve become a painter.  And I’m loving it.  Here’s just a few ways Visibility.  Sharing the artwork and the process via social media, struggles included.  I’ve relished in the community…

  18. Not the Usual Theme

    07 Sep 2016
    I created a different type of portrait this time Morning Wash, acrylic on canvas, 20x16” 2016 Photograph by Albert Arthur Allen This scene shares one moment in a secluded lake before dawn. I worked from a photograph because the relaxed pose of a live model would lack the inherent activity…

  19. Whitney Human Interest

    04 Sep 2016
    This private museum’s portrait collection is something.  In the Whitney Museum of American Art’s description:  “Drawn entirely from the Museum’s holdings, the more than two hundred works in the exhibition show changing approaches to portraiture from the early 1900s until today.” Such a fun show.  Funky, dynamic and a joy…

  20. My First Three

    01 Sep 2016
    My first three juried shows opened me up to a whole new world of engagement within the arts.  In college, I was an art history major, not an artist.  I loved history and sociology and literature, and also sewing quilts, creating collages, and painting.  I never introduced myself as an…

  21. Studio

    28 Aug 2016
    It’s got a south facing window, a large closet, a sink in the next room- and it’s all mine.   I love having a studio to call my own! current fav position From a few months ago when I painted with long hair and studio lighting. When I paint, all I…

  22. 5 Qualities to Great Portraits

    24 Aug 2016
    Sometimes I post about work I’m creating or my art development.  This bit of news shares some research from a gallery visit. The entire National Portrait Gallery shocked me.  Before visiting the museum my idea of a portrait was a likeness of a person.  No big deal.  Just get the…

  23. On Becoming a Full-Time Painter

    21 Aug 2016
    It was a tough decision, but I decided to cut out teaching and administrative work to make room for painting.  I’ll go back to teaching again soon. I can’t imagine not sharing project ideas with kids, or working with them as they develop their plans and then hearing their thoughts…

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