On Becoming a Painter pt 2

I’ve been developing plans for a painting career, and in the process, I realize my life has changed since I’ve become a painter.  And I’m loving it.  Here’s just a few ways.

Visibility.  Sharing the artwork and the process via social media, struggles included.  I’ve relished in the community that sprouts up around the creative arts.  (See facebook and Instagram.)

Instagram feed

Painting.  Creating meaningful artwork in my own studio.  I’m drawn to the vulnerability and rawness in portraiture and am currently painting individual portraits of my family.  (See studio.)

Travel.  Visiting interesting art exhibits and museums.  Research in the visual arts, at least for me, includes at least 50% of looking and thinking about great art related to my particular goals.  (See Portrait Gallery and Whitney’s Human Interest).

Preferred means of travel: train

Exhibit. Sharing my artwork with the artist community.  I’m learning to put myself out there and create work for regional exhibits and competitions.  (See My First Three and Nude Figure)

Record.  Writing about and documenting my process helps me see where I’ve been, what I’m doing and where I’d like to go.  This has helped he me develop my vision and create meaningful goals.

Journals and laptop

Independence.  Scheduling a timeline to complete goals and projects.  Art journaling helps me focus on the whys and hows.  I grow and keep myself true to my individual plans and artistic dreams. 

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