Jenny Graham-Hougah is a representational painter based in Southern New Jersey and holds a BA in Art History. Jenny was the March 2020 Artist-in-Residence at Weir Farm, a National Park Service residency. She exhibited 25 portraits as part of a two-person exhibit at the Duke Gallery in Wallingford, PA while a Collaboration and Exhibition Fellow at the Community Art Center in 2018. She has won awards, including 2nd Place in Community Paint Out 2019 at Wayne Arts Center Plein Air Festival and Honorable Mention in the Art Educators of New Jersey Annual Juried Exhibit. She has exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions, including Studio Montclair's Viewpoints 2019 and Monmouth Museum's Petopia 2019.

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Artist Statement

My work focuses on objects in space and how they interact with the living. In uncertain times, I find comfort in representing the world realistically. The polarized narratives that fuel debates leave tensions in rooms, houses, and nature. I paint interior scenes, landscapes and still-lifes that hint at, or partially include, the people that inhabit them and the interior lives they lead. My portraits depict the inverse and suggest how the individual’s environment is integral to their narrative. 

While the social and political climate is unclear, I continue to channel stability through representing the world in realistic oil and acrylic paintings. Compositions are assembled through sketches from life and journaling in my studio. References for my work are derived from both drawing and painting from life as well as from photographs I’ve taken. Often the first step to a piece is the three-tone value composition study in my sketchbook. Conversely, each color is mixed individually while painting on the palette of white, three warmed-toned and three cool-toned primary colors. 

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