Holiday Art Sale Success

December is holiday season and marks the end of a year and the longest of nights- but this December also ushered in my first Holiday Painting Sale! I’m so glad that each special painting is in a good home. I’ll say a few words farewell to each of them! 

OCNJ Dunes 2017  9”x12”

The dune grasses in Ocean City, NJ were healthy on the cloudless day I set down to paint outdoors. The bright sun reflected back and the sand appeared stark white. I am drawn to the contrasts in nature, and I love how the smooth, bright sand contrasted with the textures in the dark grasses. Painted entirely on location, 28th Street Ocean City, New Jersey.

Lake Winninsquam Cabin 1  7.5”x11.5

When I think about New Hampshire I picture a lake with layers of mountains leading into the distance. Often the sky is bright blue and the clouds are stark white and puffy. I felt lucky to capture a photo of an overcast New Hampshire day with no rain. The whole landscape cools and shapes unify. Painted on location and from photo reference August 2017.

Margate Beach View 8.5”x11”

During sunset, the clouds and surrounding sky are often a rainbow of colors. On the beach in December the sun circles low before setting, and on this day warm pinks appeared at the horizon above the ocean. I am drawn to the contrasts in nature and loved how sections of the clouds were both almost black and white. Photo reference taken December 2017. Painting is part of a series in the December art challenge of one session paintings using no black paint.

Blue Trail Curve Delaware Water Gap 9”x6”

After hiking to the top of Mount Tammany in New Jersey, we started our descent down the blue trail. The trail is aptly named because on an overcast day the rocks lining the walkway appear light blue. I am drawn to contrasts in nature and I love how the rust-colored brush sits against the trail and the distant trees. Photo reference from October 2016 hike.

Clouds Above the Highway 11”x8.5

This past Summer, I captured many photos of isolated and bulbous clouds in the skies over NJ. In this painting a lone cloud hovers above the ground and appears to mimic the bend of the highway directly below it. I loved how the setting sun brought a rainbow of colors to surrounding sky. Painted from reference photo taken June 2017

Cooper River Park Sunset 8.5x11”

This sunset over Cooper River is close to where it meets the Delaware River. I love that the fleeting light left a rainbow of color to hover above the horizon and the sun’s rays to catch the clouds to create a set of spotlights to meet the heavens. Painted from reference photo taken June 2017.

OCNJ Sunrise 8”x8”

On this morning, the dawn light hit the beach at a low angle which illuminated some dune grasses. I’m drawn to contrasts and loved how the horizontal bands of sand, plants and clouds sit above the vertical sand fencing. Painted on location and from photo reference September 2017.

Garden Clippings 9”x12”

Nothing says calm to me like fresh herbs and flowers. In this painting, fragrant sage and wildflowers adorn a vase and a solo marigold flower rests in a ceramic dish my son made. I am drawn to contrasts and I loved how the colorful flowers, leaves and ceramic dish sat against the monochrome NY Review and table in the afternoon light. Painted from life June 2017.

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