1. Not the Usual Theme

    2016-09-07 20:28:00 UTC
    I created a different type of portrait this time Morning Wash, acrylic on canvas, 20x16” 2016 Photograph by Albert Arthur Allen This scene shares one moment in a secluded lake before dawn. I worked from a photograph because the relaxed pose of a live model would lack the inherent activity…

  2. Whitney Human Interest

    2016-09-04 20:12:00 UTC
    This private museum’s portrait collection is something.  In the Whitney Museum of American Art’s description:  “Drawn entirely from the Museum’s holdings, the more than two hundred works in the exhibition show changing approaches to portraiture from the early 1900s until today.” Such a fun show.  Funky, dynamic and a joy…

  3. My First Three

    2016-09-01 03:29:00 UTC
    My first three juried shows opened me up to a whole new world of engagement within the arts.  In college, I was an art history major, not an artist.  I loved history and sociology and literature, and also sewing quilts, creating collages, and painting.  I never introduced myself as an…

  4. Studio

    2016-08-28 20:20:00 UTC
    It’s got a south facing window, a large closet, a sink in the next room- and it’s all mine.   I love having a studio to call my own! current fav position From a few months ago when I painted with long hair and studio lighting. When I paint, all I…

  5. 5 Qualities to Great Portraits

    2016-08-24 13:38:00 UTC
    Sometimes I post about work I’m creating or my art development.  This bit of news shares some research from a gallery visit. The entire National Portrait Gallery shocked me.  Before visiting the museum my idea of a portrait was a likeness of a person.  No big deal.  Just get the…

  6. On Becoming a Full-Time Painter

    2016-08-21 19:00:00 UTC
    It was a tough decision, but I decided to cut out teaching and administrative work to make room for painting.  I’ll go back to teaching again soon. I can’t imagine not sharing project ideas with kids, or working with them as they develop their plans and then hearing their thoughts…

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