Not the Usual Theme

I created a different type of portrait this time.

Morning Wash, acrylic on canvas, 20x16” 2016

Photograph by Albert Arthur Allen

This scene shares one moment in a secluded lake before dawn. I worked from a photograph because the relaxed pose of a live model would lack the inherent activity of bathing in the chill of morning.  For example, the woman’s shoulder blades push down her back and her hips push slightly forward as she reaches for her hair.  I selected a set of black and white figure studies from the 1920s by Albert Arthur Allen to work from, mainly because the woman’s spontaneous connection with nature lacks the sexualization that pervades much of contemporary nude photography.

Morning Wash was created for and submitted to Nude Figure Juried Exhibit at Wayne Art Center, October 19 - November 20, 2016.

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