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  1. Collections Review 2018 Part 3: From Reference Photo

    2019-01-02 16:56:56 UTC

    This is part 3 of 3 posts showcasing the 33 artworks that entered collections of friends, family and art-lovers this 2018. These twelve drawings and paintings included here were completed from reference photos, most of which were taken by me. Thanks and onto the Collection Review! SACRAMENTO VALLEY 8x10” ACRYLIC

  2. Project Trip: Montauk NY Dusk/Dawn

    2016-10-10 13:11:00 UTC

    I was fortunate to visit Montauk NY to research for the series I’m currently working on: Dusk/Dawn.  Montauk is on the eastern tip of Long Island NY and is very pleasant in October.  The temperature is mild, the beaches are empty, and the plant-life is still in bloom Sketch from…

  3. Not the Usual Theme

    2016-09-07 20:28:00 UTC

    I created a different type of portrait this time Morning Wash, acrylic on canvas, 20x16” 2016 Photograph by Albert Arthur Allen This scene shares one moment in a secluded lake before dawn. I worked from a photograph because the relaxed pose of a live model would lack the inherent activity…

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