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  1. Community Arts Center Exhibition and Collaborative Fellowship 2018

    01 Jul 2018

    Two years ago I set out to paint realistically. I knew I had to create many, many paintings to build my skill, so I decided to choose a subject that was meaningful to me. So I chose my family EXHIBIT Tree portrait is the third portrait I painted but it…

  2. Painting Family With a Story

    28 Feb 2018

    A new opportunity has sparked a change with how I think about and paint my family portraits. Let me give some context. This Summer 2018 I’ll be participating in the Collaboration and Exhibition Fellowship at the Community Art Center in Wallingford, PA alongside Philadelphia printmaker and teaching artist Martha Knox. …

  3. RollerCoaster Politics + The Role of Art

    15 Nov 2017

    A guest and Sonya Clark (right) during the performance of Unraveling, Saturday, 11.4.17. (c) Jenny Graham-Hougah Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts hosted a forum on Art and the Election 11.3.17. I was attracted to this artist talk because I, too, have been wondering “What is the role and responsibility

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