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Traditional Drawing Techniques

$20.00 USD

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Wedensdays 6pm-8pm 

9/25, Value: Dramatically Lit, Two-Tone Drawing
10/2, Value: Introducing Subtlety: Three Tone Drawing
10/16, Value: Melding the Two: Arranging and Drawing Contrasts
10/23, Comparative Measurement: Still-Life One Object
10/30, Comparative Measurement: Still-Life Interplay of Objects
11/13 Comparative Measurement and Value: Final Still-Life

Fishtank CoWorking- 225 Haddon Ave Westmont

Register for individual classes: $20
For all 6 weeks: $120 
This class is designed for high school art students interested in drawing from life!

The focus is on value, and in improving rendering skills through comparative measurement. Students will leave this class with a better sense on how to accurately proportion and render the real world. 

Important to any artist, students will get experience writing about their artwork and process. Topics also discussed are photographing artwork, talking about others artwork, and presenting your work professionally.

Materials are provided! Artist-grade strathmore tinted and white papers, a variety of charcoal, markers, and graphite drawing pencils (6H to 6B) are provided in this course.



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