PLOP! ART CLUB is an early childhood enrichment program traveling throughout Southern Jersey.

Goal - Foster Creativity in Children

Plop! Art Club offers students a chance to make uniquely creative pieces while using a wide variety of open-ended, sustainable materials. Group and individual demonstrations help students see common materials as vehicles to their own vision. A team-work atmosphere encourages free exchange of ideas and suggestion. Always a fun time in this art club!


GRADES: Pre-K | K-2 | Gr. 3-5
Min 8 children/Max 12 children

Plop! Art Club travels to after school programs. Plop! Art Club runs for an hour, but can be scheduled for up to three hours in one class session if that fits the need of your facility. We take pride in offering a variety of sustainable materials in four stations - Painting, Drawing+Collage, Building, and Clay.


Up to 10 families

Plop! Play Date is ideal for “Mommy and Me” play dates. We bring the supplies and work with both children and adult pairs to introduce materials, share ideas, and foster conversations to create meaningful artwork. We bring to YOU a variety of sustainable materials in four stations - Painting, Drawing+Collage, Building, and Clay!


Up to 25 Families

Plop! Play Group is designed for larger play dates, birthday parties, and events. We bring the supplies and set up a “Supplies Table” for children to select and explore materials. We accommodate each group’s needs and include one or all of the Painting, Drawing+Collage, Building, and Clay Stations!

PLOP! travels to you!

Building | Clay | Painting
Collage + Drawing

Kids explore their limits and create to their heart's content!

I LOVE the projects these students create with open-ended materials and demonstrated techniques! They build confidence in their voice every time they answer the question: "How do I make mine?"

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