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Jade, Paris and a Pic of E.

$150.00 USD

Jade, Paris and Pic of E.
4.5x6 inch
Acrylic on bristol

Matted, Wired and Framed, UV non-glare glass

I love three object still-lifes, and for this series, I choose a meaningful picture or artwork, a plant of some sort, and an object around my house. For this painting, I rested a beloved photo and simple frame in front of a full-page spread of Paris in FT magazine, and placed one of my propagated jades next to them. I love documenting life as it is now with objects that are meaningful.

Painted from life, January 2019, as part of a series of three object still-lifes. Also part of the moving series where I documented my house before I packed and moved everything out.

$150 including tax

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