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Tea With Hot Peppers

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Tea and Hot Peppers
6x4.5 inch
Acrylic on bristol

Matted, Wired and Framed, UV non-glare glass

I love three object still-lifes, and for this series, I choose a meaningful picture or artwork, a plant of some sort, and an object around my house. For this painting, I had finished my Irish Breakfast tea and left the tea bag in the cup- which was created by a local potter, placed one of my many jade plants next to the cup, and moved a collage- that I created when my son was little, behind it. I love documenting life as it is now with objects that are meaningful.

Painted from life, May 2019, as part of a series of three object still-lifes.

Exhibited on featured artist wall in Fishtank Co-Working Space, Westmont, NJ, Fall-Summer 2019.

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